hi...all my dearest reader...
actually..i just wanna to tell u something..
what is this place..??? this is colorado...
before i enter this upnm... i always said that i wll be be the overseas student....bachelor in medic
but....now....i have been in this UPNM...
i never turn back to look for my dream.. couse..
i belive i can fly.....i belive i can swim..
and i belive i can sleep with colorodo chick..
oh my fren..common..this world is yours
hohoo....STOP DREAMING DUDE!!!!!!
Study lerrrrr...7hb nihh..dah nak exam dah..Share


  1. Anonymous says:

    tulih leklok skit..
    bm salah xper...
    nie bi..
    mrh surjeet..
    esok pi mnyak pinch kt die...

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